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This blog is a collection of my thoughts, opinions, technical solutions, workout routines, recipes, and the like. I’m writing for my own clarity of thought and to track my progress across projects. While this information may or may not have worked for me, there is no guarantee that it will work for you. There’s also no guarantee that you will even like or agree with what I say. You have free will, use it. If you don’t like what I’m saying, move on.

I took the time to write everything on this blog. As such I am the legal and sole copyright holder for this content. You may not use, reprint, or publish my content without prior consent. Email me and ask, I’ll probably say yes or at least write you a guest post for your blog. You won’t know unless you email me.

That said, you are welcome to use the information I’ve written at your own risk. If you melt a server, burn down a datacenter, ruin your grilled pizza, or gain 50 pounds because of this information, I am not liable. I’m also not a doctor, don’t take any of the biohacking that I perform on myself as medical advice. Go consult a doctor before you try any of the weird stuff that I do.

I reserve the right to change the focus of my blog, shut it down, sell it, move to a pay model, or whatever else at my discretion.

Assuming I don’t shut this site down, at some point I will probably either use affiliate links or have advertising on this blog. When I do that, the tracking methods of the various third parties are subject to the privacy policies of those companies, not mine. My privacy policy (on the privacy policy page) is pretty straightforward. I don’t like spam and I’m not selling anything to anyone.

And finally, should you email me, send me tweets, forward links, or anything else and I find it interesting enough that I think other people might too, there is a really good chance I’ll either post it directly on my blog or write a post about it. You will likely be thanked in the post. If you don’t want to be acknowledge say as much when you contact me.