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Karl Majer LLC

| President |


Owning my own consulting company affords me the luxury to pick and choose the projects I wish to engage in. I particularly enjoyed the startup advising roles I’ve held over the years. Some of the other work I’ve done for clients include designing system architectures for their networks and hosted applications, mobile design and development on iOS, custom Android OS and app development, leading teams across multiple geos, and general technical project oversight.



| Architect |


My primary delivery for Fuze involved taking an unstable prototype web application running on a developer laptop, and transforming it into a fully functioning, scaled, highly available AWS hosted application. Fallout work from the effort included the AWS infrastructure designs, custom tooling used for CI/CD/and AWS deployments, and the large pile of automation and documentation required and the day to day operation of the Fuze Call Analytics application. Additionally work included building and leading the DevOps team responsible for the daily operation of the host complex and designing and deploying the unified metrics and monitoring system used to manage the system.



| Architect |


My deliveries for Salesforce included a ‘cocktail napkin to multiple production datacenter deployment’ design, prototype, build, and deploy of the automated provisioning system currently in use. Additionally I built and lead the team responsible for both the development and operation of the system.


Endeca Technologies

| Systems Architect |


For Endeca I designed and built the automation system for the engineering department. This allowed end user developers to dynamically reinstall virtual and real hardware with OS and rev/patch level specificity to support rapid troubleshooting of the Endeca product on differing platforms.



| Systems Architect |


For Verisign, I delivered a prototype architecture using diskless servers in order to cut costs, reduce the number of failure points within the server, and further simplify the server configuration. This was deployed to production for the .net/.com TLD clusters.


Sun Microsystems

| Staff Engineer |


As Sun’s lead system’s administrator on SunGrid I provided technical leadership and operational oversight on the project.


Endeca Technologies

| Systems Architect |


As the person hired to build out Endeca’s IT and Unix Operations teams, I designed and installed Endeca’s hosting network from the ground up and then lead the teams that provided 24/7 support for the hosted customers, unix support for the internal engineering teams, and internal IT support for the rest of the company.


AOL, Inc – VA

| Technical Manager |


Primary deliverables included leading a team of five engineers to deliver multiple global distributed cache complexes. This enabled AOL’s 30MM user subscriber base to access the internet 30% faster than their competition.

My full resume containing the rest of my work history and references is available upon request.