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Fun with macs, CACs, and Certs (and iPhone dev).

Just a quick post to save others some time and a little pain:

OSX 10.6.2 + SCR3110 CAC reader + new GX4 CAC card == No love on OSX. Keychain sees the card as empty.

However, 10.6.2 + VMWare + win7-64 + reader + CAC card + IE works just fine without any of the add-on software used on XP. You’ll need to pass the reader through to the VM by clicking on the little USB icons in the bottom right.

On another note, a Verisign EAC Certificate loaded in your keychain will cause codesign to hang for 8-10 minutes while it asks oscpd to validate the cert. This also happens when you use Keychain Access to go try and figure out why its taking so long to sign things. Work around it by either dropping your network when you need to sign things, or more permanently, drop your network and then use Keychain Access to remove the cert altogether. Save yourself the pain and load the EAC cert directly into firefox and use that browser to access the EAC enabled sites.

And finally, if you have the reader plugged in with a card in it and try to sign an iPhone application you will probably get the error: CSSMERR_DL_MISSING_VALUE. Keychain Access on 10.6.2 recognizes the reader and if the card is plugged in, Keychain Access seems to want to try and use it for signing. Take the card out of the reader and try again.

>>> Karl